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Programme of Highway Works (Excluding Bridge Structural Maintenance)

The following information details the proposed programme of highway improvement works to be undertaken by Wrexham County Borough Councils Streetscene and Highways division of the Environment Department.

The programmes have been devised in support of the strategic aims of the County Borough Council to improve roads and transport.

The revenue and capital funded improvement programmes relating to carriageway and footway structural and surface treatments are prioritised from  annual condition survey data to improve the highways infrastructure within Wrexham County Borough Council.

Highways Asset Management Planning

In realising that the current backlog of structural maintenance on carriageways and footways can only be reduced by adopting a long term strategic approach to improving the highways infrastructure, Wrexham County Borough in conjunction with the Welsh Assembly Government, has adopted an all Wales approach to Highways Asset Management Planning. The following methodology explains the principles derived in prioritising planned maintenance programmes of work:-

A whole life costing approach is utilised in determining programmes for various forms of improvement processes i.e

The following categories have been included in the list of programmed schemes to identify the factors supporting their inclusion in the programme (Reason for Work in tables below):-

A. Identified through a condition survey process

B. Identified through accident investigations as being an accident cluster site or subject to low Sideway-Force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine (SCRIM).

C. Subject to high maintenance remedial works

D. Route identified within condition surveys and forming part of strategic development scheme


Whilst every effort has been made to achieve a definitive programme that will provide effective management of the highway assets, it may be subject to change in content and detail throughout the year. Such changes can arise from the need to address unforeseen maintenance demands arising during the year i.e emergency public utilities works and budget adjustments.