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Local Planning Guidance Note No 2 - Agricultural Appraisals

These guidelines cannot hope to cover all areas and applicants and agents are advised wherever the circumstances are unusual to discuss their proposals with a planning officer prior to formal submission of an application. When the Council is asked to determine an application for an agricultural or forestry worker's dwelling it will be necessary, in all cases, to establish whether the dwelling is essential for the proper functioning of the enterprise concerned. To this end each applicant is requested to provide an appraisal of the business operation and this should be submitted as part of the application submission.

The information requested on this leaflet must be included in the appraisal to allow proper consideration of the application. It is important that all questions are answered. The term "unit" refers to an agricultural or forestry enterprise.

The Existing Business


Future Changes

The Land Holding

Existing Dwellings

Other Local Properties

Dwelling Required


Financial Details

Business accounts and/or projections will not normally be necessary to support applications where the unit is already established. The Chief Planning Officer will request specific information, if and when required.

New Enterprises

In cases where a new unit is proposed or newly established, the applicant will need to demonstrate that it has been founded on a sound financial basis. In these circumstances it will be necessary to indicate what investment will be involved in setting up or completing the unit.

In such cases, where the Council is uncertain about the longer term viability of the unit, it will consider the possibility of granting temporary planning permission for a caravan or other temporary residential accommodation to allow the business to become established.

Appraisal Preparation

You are advised that this information can be submitted in the form of answers to the above questions, or by an appraisal composed by ADAS for the Agricultural Department of the National Assembly for Wales or by a recognised agricultural consultant.

Consultants should be members of the British Association of Agricultural Consultants or a member of the appropriate division of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Adopted October 1993; updated 2000.