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Life Events: Accident Prevention for Older People

It is easy to believe that inside our own homes we are safe but at home we often relax the caution we have when outside. This web page contains information on how to reduce the risk of having an accident in your home.

Most common accidents that occur in the home are:

Get Your Eyes Tested

Over 60's get free eye test every 2 years. Contact an optician for further details.

Shoes and Slippers

You are more likely to slip, trip or fall if you are wearing:

Wear flat shoes or shoes with thin soles or a built-in heel.

The Home



Take Care in the Bath or Shower



Accidents are more likely after drinking alcohol. This is because it slows down our ability to react to situations that occur.



You are more likely to fall if you have missed meals or have a poor diet. Try not to miss meals.

If you struggle with cooking:

Home Fire Safety

Ensure your home is fitted with a working smoke alarm - smoke alarms do not prevent fires but will give you an early warning.

To arrange for a free home fire safety check call 0800 169 1234.

Keep Moving

You are more likely to fall if you have weak muscles and poor balance. A good way to make your muscles stronger and to improve your balance is to keep physically active.

50+ Directory

EXTEND is a movement to music class specifically for older people.

Currently available at Springfield (retirement accommodation Rhosddu) Monday 2.30pm. Please contact 297018 for more details.

Walkabout Wrexham

Walks are led by trained volunteer walk leaders and are suitable for people of all ages and abilities. It is a good opportunity to meet new people, get some fresh air and improve your fitness.

For more information on local walks contact: Anna Pollard or Alison Puddle on 01978 757524.

Accident Prevention Activities


A video is being produced to highlight hazards that occur in the homes of older people and how small changes can be made to reduce the risk of this happening.

Home Safety Checklist

This will be circulated with the video and will act as a reminder on how to make your homes safer.

Message in a Bottle

A scheme that provides emergency services with vital details including next of kin, illnesses, allergies etc.

This information is kept in a plastic bottle in the fridge.

Message in a bottle can be obtained from Pharmacies, Libraries, District Nurses, Doctors Surgeries, Places of Worship.