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Frequently Asked Questions - Business Rates

Business Rates – General Overview

Non-Domestic Rates (NDR), are the means by which businesses and users of other non-domestic properties contribute towards the costs of local authority services. NDR is collected by the local authority, and paid into a central pool. The Welsh Assembly Government then calculates how much to redistribute to each authority, and this income is used to pay for certain services within the area. For further information on how the authority is funded, visit www.communities.gov.uk

How is my NDR bill calculated?

Every rateable non-domestic property is assigned a Rateable Value* (RV) by the District Valuers Office.  This RV is then multiplied by the multiplier** to obtain the annual charge.

*Rateable Value -  The RV should broadly reflect the annual rent for which the property could  have been let on the open market as at 01/04/10.

**Multiplier – This is the rate in the pound set annually by the Welsh Assembly Government to move in line with inflation.  The 2015/16 multiplier for Wales is £0.0482.  So, if you have a business premises with a rateable value of £5,000, the annual NDR will be £2,410.00 (5,000 x 0.482).

If you feel that your rateable value is too high, or require more information on how your RV is calculated, contact the District Valuers Office on 03000 505 505 or visit www.voa.gov.uk.

Are any business premises exempt from NDR?

The following are exempt:

  • Farm land and buildings
  • Fish Farms
  • Churches
  • Sewers
  • Public parks
  • Moveable moorings for boats
  • Certain property used by the disabled.

How can I reduce the amount of NDR I Pay?

This is a brief overview of the relief available. 

You may be entitled to rate relief if:

  • you have a property which is unoccupied and unused.  In this case you will be entitled to a 3 month exemption, followed by a 100% charge until such time that the property is occupied or sold.  Listed buildings, and those with an RV of less than £2,600 are exempt from paying empty rates.
  • your organisation is a registered charity or a registered Community Amateur Sports Club, you are entitled to 80% rate relief.  You have to apply to the council for this relief.
  • your organisation is not a registered charity, but is a non-profit making body.  The council; has discretion to grant up to 100% relief if an organisation is philanthropic, religious, or concerned with education, social well-being, science, literature or fine arts.  There is no automatic entitlement to this relief and an application must be made to the council.
  • your business is situated in a rural settlement area, and has an RV of less than £6,000 (£9,000 for pubs and petrol stations).  The council also has the discretion to grant Rural Rate Relief to businesses in a rural area with an RV of less than £12,000.

You should contact the Business Rates Section for more information on these types of relief, and details on how to apply.

Your NDR bill

The financial year commences on the 1st April, and your bill is usually issued 2 weeks prior to the first payment date on the 10th April.

The bill is paid in 10 monthly instalments, although you may be asked to pay over a lesser period if the bill is issued after the end of April.

How do I pay my bill?

You can visit the council offices and pay by cash or debit card, via the internet, or you can pay over the telephone (0300 333 6500) by debit card.

You can also pay monthly by direct debit/standing order, or via the BACS system.

What if I do not pay?

If you miss an instalment, you will be issued with a reminder notice requesting payment within 7 days.  If you pay the missing instalment, you may continue with the monthly instalments.  If you do not pay the required amount, you will be issued with a Magistrates Court summons, which will incur you costs of £50.00

You are entitled to attend the court hearing to give your reasons why a Liability Order should not be granted against you.  If an order is granted, you should make an arrangement to pay the arrears with the council.

If an Order is granted, you will be charged Liability Order costs totalling £20.00

If you do not make an arrangement, or you default on a pre-arranged instalment plan, your case may be passed to the Council’s bailiffs, and further costs may be incurred.

This is a general overview of NDR. For specific account enquiries, or further information, please contact the Business Rates Section on 01978 298990.