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Stray Dog Warden Service

Stray Dogs

A stray dog is deemed to be one that is without its owner in a public place (or a private place where it's not had permission to be).

If you find a stray dog you should:

Anyone finding a stray dog should contact us:

During normal working hours the Dog Warden Service will collect the dog from you provided we can be satisfied that the dog is not your own. During our out-of-hours service we operate a collection service until 10pm in the evening and after this time a reception service will be offered.

All dogs are taken to the councils contracted kennels after all reasonable efforts have been made to contact the owner and return the dog home after it has strayed for the first time. Note this does not apply to dogs collected out of hours.

Report lost or stray dogs

Please DO NOT contact or take a stray dog to the kennels without first contacting the dog warden service as you will be turned away.

Lost Dogs

The Council holds a register of all lost dogs which have been reported to them.  To place a dog on this register contact:

Councils Contracted Kennels

Acorn Kennels
Heath Road
SY13 2AA

Tel No: 01946 662931

Opening hours Monday to Sunday 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Dog Statutory Fee and Charges  2017/ 2018

When claiming your dog, please note that you will have to pay a fee to cover the collection and detention costs involved in looking after your dog during the time it was straying. This fee includes a Prescribed Statutory Amount (set by Government), costs incurred by the authority in providing a stray dog service and a daily kennelling charge.

Day Price
Statutory Fee (including collection) £60
Daily Kennelling Fee £13

Any necessary veterinary fees will be charged in addition to the above.

The Microchipping of Dogs (Wales) Regulations 2015

What does the law say?

All dog owners in England, Scotland and Wales had until 6 April 2016 to have their dog microchipped and to register them with a government compliant microchip database.

Therefore from this date it is compulsory for a dog to be microchipped and all details kept up to date with an approved database provider.

A dog owner must ensure:

Their dog is microchipped by a veterinary professional or an implanter who has received government approved training.

Puppy buyers must ensure:

After a dog is microchipped and registered on a microchip database there is still an ongoing responsibility as a dog owner to:

Dog owners need to be aware:

Failure to have a dog collar

The Control of Dogs Order 1992 specifies that every dog while on a highway or in a public place shall wear a collar and identity tag with the name and address of the owner attached. If your dog has a collar and tag every attempt will be made to return the dog home without the necessity of it having to go into kennels and incurring charges.

Failure to have a collar and tag on your dog without reasonable excuse is an offence , and this may result in legal proceedings.

Dangerous dogs

The Dog Warden Service does not deal with dangerous dogs please contact the Police on 101.


The RSPCA deals with any cruelty/welfare issues they can be contacted on 0300 1234 999 or accessed through their website at www.rspca.org.uk