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Transport Policy

The Local Education Authority is required to determine whether the provision of transport for pupils of compulsory school age is necessary to facilitate the attendance at a designated school of the pupil concerned. If such transport is deemed necessary then the transport must be provided free of charge.

There is no free transport for any children of nursery school age.

School Transport Application New Process 2019

Parents will only be able to make application for transport after their child’s school place is confirmed by Admissions on the 1st March and will then have until 31st March to apply for transport via the Portal for the new term in September.

Parents will be notified of the decision by email no later than 1st July.

Parents are reminded that free transport is only provided to pupils attending their nearest suitable school and then only where the walking distance from Home to School is more than 2 miles for Primary / 3 miles for Secondary.


Replacement Bus Passes


Concessionary Seats

The LEA may provide a concessionary seat - at a cost to the parent / guardian - where a pupil does not qualify on the above criteria but can be placed on an existing school transport route that has available capacity.

In these circumstances:

Under the Transport Act 1995, however, concessionary fares cannot be made available where public service transport runs along a school route at convenient times for the start and finish of the school day.

Post-16 Transport

Students are reminded that there is no transport provided by Wrexham County Borough Council for sixth-form schools and colleges for post-16 students.

Any post-16 students requiring transport are advised to contact their sixth form establishment for information and advice regarding private transport arrangements that may be available.