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Child Health Service

The purpose of the Child Health Service is to ensure that every child has the best possible chance to learn, without health problems getting in the way. To achieve this, all schools are visited by doctors and nurses who arrange health assessments for children and screening for problems with hearing, vision, growth, speech and general development so that any health problems can be identified early. They also act in an advisory capacity to parents and teachers so that the implications of a child's health problems can be fully understood, with help and support being arranged where necessary.

School doctors or nurses also give children a complete check-up around the time they start school. After this, they arrange further check-ups if it is desirable because of the results of a previous medical review, if the child develops a new problem or parents or teachers are concerned that something may be wrong; parents are encouraged to attend these.

The Child Health Service also ensures that children are fully immunised to protect them from serious infectious diseases. Where necessary, immunisation is offered through local clinics or in the schools.

The service is funded by the Health Authority.