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Amorial Bearings & Official Blazon

Mayoral CrestThe County Borough Council's Coat of Arms is largely derived from the arms of the two former Wrexham authorities. The shield combines their green 'field', ermine spots and gold crosiers with the blue lion on gold of the Hanmers of Maelor and a wave for the River Dee in an heraldic map of the new area.

The crest is based on a red mural (walled) crown symbolising brick making and Madog ap Meredydd's castle at Overton. The Red Dragon rests a foot on a black diamond edged with gold, for coal and other mineral wealth, and the tree stands for forestry and the rural areas.

The supporters are Welsh dragons holding a green pennon for agriculture; one dragon is charged with a gold symbol of Mars for iron founding and the other with a gold cogwheel for engineering.

The motto, LABOR OMNIA VINCIT, from Virgil means 'Hard work overcomes all things'.

The arms were designed by H. Ellis Tomlinson, M.A. F.H.S.