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Mayoral Etiquette - Explanatory Notes

The following gives a brief guide to the etiquette to be observed when the Mayor attends a function. Although this does not cover every eventuality that may arise it will provide hosts with the basic details which will allow them, their guests and the Mayor to relax and enjoy functions with the minimum of formality and fuss.


The Local Government Act 1972 provides that the Mayor shall have precedence within the County Borough. The only instance when this precedence is not observed is when it would prejudicially affect the Royal prerogative. This extends not only to Members of the Royal family but also to the Lord Lieutenant, as the Queen’s representative in the County Borough.

When seated the Mayor would be expected to be seated on the immediate right of the Chairman or other person presiding. The Mayoress should be seated on the immediate right of the Mayor or on the left of the Chairman.

The Deputy Mayor, when deputising for the Mayor, should be accorded the same precedence.

The role of the Deputy Mayor is to support the Mayor. Invitations should therefore not be addressed directly to the Deputy Mayor but to the Mayor. The Mayor, if unable to attend, would then by agreement arrange for the Deputy Mayor to attend in his/her place.

As outlined above if a Member of the Royal family or the Lord Lieutenant were in attendance they would be seated to the immediate right of the Chairman with the Mayor seated to the left.

This precedence should not only be observed in seating but also when welcoming guests and making introductions.

To avoid confusion that sometimes arises the Mayor, within the County Borough, takes precedence over Government Ministers, Members of Parliament (MP’s) and Assembly Members (AM’s).

The Mayoress

The Mayoress, unless specifically requested otherwise, should be invited to all functions with the Mayor.


When writing to the Mayor the letter should be addressed to The Worshipful, the Mayor of Wrexham, Councillor (insert name).

The letter would be opened with ‘Dear Mr. Mayor’ and concludes ‘Yours sincerely’.

In person the Mayor should be addressed as Mr Mayor and the Mayoress as Madam Mayoress

Attendance At Functions

The Mayor will attend functions approximately 5 minutes before the time requested. They would be met by the senior representative of the organisation and escorted to their proper position.

If the Mayor is required to make a speech, background details relating to the event would be required. If the Mayor is to respond to a toast or refer to any specific matter in his/her speech etc, this should be highlighted prior to the event.

If there is a programme for the engagement this should be received at least 2 days prior to the event.

The Mayor and Mayoress should be advised of any dress codes they need to adhere to for an engagement.   

The Mayor will be accompanied by an Attendant who conveys him/her to functions. Where possible, the Mayor, will alight at the main entrance to a venue and so it would be helpful if a car parking space could be reserved as close as possible to the main entrance. The Mayors vehicle would normally be expected to be reserved a parking space. On some occasions, the Mayor’s Attendant will leave the Mayor and return later towards the end of the function, but on others this will not be feasible and he will remain at the venue.