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Syrian Resettlement Scheme

The continuing conflict in Syria has forced approximately 6.5 million people from their homes, displaced 2.7 million people to neighbouring countries and millions more are in dire need of humanitarian aid within Syria. It is recognised there are some particularly vulnerable cases for whom evacuation from the region is the only option; the Syrian Relocation Scheme.  It is estimated that the programme in the UK will support several hundred people over the next few years and will prioritise help for survivors of torture, violence, women and children at risk and those in need of medical care.

Local Authorities in the UK have been asked to participate in the Home Office funded Scheme by co-ordinating accommodation and support to Syrian refugees.  All 22 Welsh Local Authorities have indicated their support and some have already received refugees.

Wrexham and North Wales have a long and proud history of providing a warm welcome to people in need –– Belgian refugees in Anglesey during World War 1, Polish migrants at Penley in the 1940s, Ugandan refugees in Aberdovey 1972 and the Vietnamese Boat People in Barmouth 1978/9. Since 2001 Wrexham has provided humanitarian protection to small numbers of asylum seekers fleeing persecution.

In May 2016 Wrexham Council’s Executive Board approved plans to provide safety for up to 5 Syrian families during this financial year.  We feel that this is a proportionate response bearing in mind the pressures on communities and public services.

It is important to note that:

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