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Welsh Church Acts Fund

When are grants awarded?

Annually the Head of Finance in consultation with Members considers grant applications. They will next consider applications in September. To have an application considered it should be submitted by 31 July . Grants are claimable within three months after the award on production of evidence of expenditure incurred

What expenditure qualifies?

Please, refer to the list of criteria in the application form.

Main points:

Who can apply?

Properly constituted organisations with activities which benefit the residents of the Wrexham County Borough area. Such organisations will generally be based in the WCBC area. Applications from organisations outside the Wrexham Borough area will be considered provided that there is clear evidence of direct benefit to the residents of Wrexham County Borough. County.

How much?

Each year the Fund has around £7,000 to distribute. There is a maximum amount of £500 for each individual award.

Why are awards not made to individuals?

Wrexham County Borough Council has adopted criteria for a scheme for the application of the funds available. The student grants and social security benefits now available to individuals did not exist in 1914, when the Welsh Church Acts Fund would have been an important source of funding. Grants from the Fund are available to properly constituted organisations, and not to individuals.

Do other Welsh local authorities have a Welsh Church Acts Fund?

Each of the 22 Welsh local authorities administers its own Fund. Organisations with activities which benefit the residents of the other local authority areas should contact the local authority concerned to find out about the criteria adopted locally.