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Wrexham County Borough Council elects a Mayor to serve for one year. The Mayoral Year is always busy and includes 5 formal civic events: The Annual Meeting of the Council, Civic Visit to Church, Royal Welch Fusiliers Reunion Weekend, a Charity Dinner Dance and Annual Service of Remembrance.

In addition to the more formal civic events, an average Mayoral Year will see the Mayor attending over 400 engagements.

The Mayor for 2019/2020 is Councillor Rob Walsh who is accompanied by his Mayoress Ms Sharon Pope.

At the beginning of the year the Mayor may nominate a charity or charities which will receive proceeds from his fund raising during the year. The Mayors charities for the year:

In recent years, locally based charities have received several thousand pounds as a result of the Mayor's Charity Fund. In addition to the nominated charities the Mayor considers every request for donations from needy individuals and other worthy causes.

Email: mayoralty@wrexham.gov.uk

Mayoral Appointment Booking

If you would wish to invite the Mayor to an event / occasion you are organising, please complete the attached Mayoral Appointment Booking Form and return it to:

The Civic Support Officer
Mayor's Parlour
Wrexham LL11 1AY