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About Council Tax

Council Tax is a locally raised tax that is payable on all domestic properties and it is made up of three separate elements.

Wrexham County Borough Council collects all of these charges and retains the amount due to itself and pays over to the Police Authority and the individual Community Councils the amounts collected on their behalf.

The amount you actually pay is dependant on the Band into which your property has been placed. These bands range from 'A to I' with 'A' being the lowest charge up to 'I' being the highest charge made.

The total amount payable is made up of two parts, 50% of which relates to the property and 50% relating to the occupier. The property part is payable under all circumstances but the personal element can be reduced if the property is occupied by fewer than two people. If one person lives alone, the personal element of the tax payable is reduced by half, and if the property is vacant the personal element is not applicable.

Please note that under legislation for Wales any property in Wrexham which is unoccupied and furnished or has been unfurnished for a period of more than 6 months is charged at 100%.
Should any property remain unoccupied for a continuous period of 12 months a premium rate may be applied.

Customer Service

If you have any questions about any matters relating to your Council Tax or Business Rates account please get in touch with us:

Write to Wrexham County Borough Council, Corporate Taxation & Debt, Lambpit Street, Wrexham LL11 1AR

If you wish to speak to a member of staff with regard to your enquiry in person, you should visit Contact Wrexham, 16 Lord Street, Wrexham. They have trained advisors who will be able to help with your enquiry whether it relates to Housing or Council Tax Benefit, Business Rates or Council Tax, alternatively you can contact the Sections direct by telephone on the above numbers. If you have any difficulties in making payment contact us as soon as possible.

How is my property valued?

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) is responsible for valuing all domestic properties in England and Wales and placing your property in one of nine property bands. The VOA is an independent Agency and not part of the Council. The VOA have calculated your valuation band based on property prices as at 1st April 2003. This is known as the 'valuation date'. The set date ensures that all properties are assessed as at a fixed point in time, ensuring a fairer system for everyone.

The VOA takes account of the size, age, character and locality of your property and sales data from around the valuation date to arrive at the correct valuation band.

If your property was built after the 1st April 2003 the VOA will band your property according to what the value would have been on that date using comparable sales data.

Each property band has a range of values. The property bands and values for Wales are shown, in the table below.

Band Range of Values
A Under £44,000
B £44,001 - £65,000
C £65,001 - £91,000
D £91,001 - £123,000
E £123,001 - £162,000
F £162,001 - £223,000
G £223,001 - £324,000
H £324,001 - £424,000
I £424,001 and over