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Wrexham County Borough Council Management Structure

Chief Executive

Ian Bancroft
Email: chiefexecutive@wrexham.gov.uk

Executive Director*

Clare Field
Email: Clare.Field@wrexham.gov.uk

Head of Adult Social Care*

Charlotte Walton
Email: Charlotte.Walton@wrexham.gov.uk

Interim Head of Children’s Social Care

Susan Evans
Email: Susan2.Evans@wrexham.gov.uk

Head of Education*

Ian Roberts
Email: ian2.roberts@wrexham.gov.uk

Head of Corporate &
Customer Services*

Sioned Wyn Davies
Email: sioned.wyndavies@wrexham.gov.uk

Head of Environment & Planning

Lawrence Isted
Email: lawrence.isted@wrexham.gov.uk

Head of Finance*

Mark Owen
Email: mark.owen@wrexham.gov.uk

Head of Housing & Economy

Steve Bayley
Email: steve.bayley@wrexham.gov.uk

Data Protection Officer /

Matthew Foster
Email: dpo@wrexham.gov.uk


*Indicates Statutory Officer & is accountable to and has direct access to the to Chief Executive on Statutory Issues.