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Council owned or previously council owned property

If the property concerned is council owned it will be necessary for you to apply to the relevant housing office for their consent to convert the property frontage into a hard standing for vehicles.

Rented property

If the property concerned is rented, it will be necessary for you to apply to your landlord for their consent to carry out the work. The written permission gained from the landlord must be sent with the application form.

A, B or C classified roads – planning permission

Should the proposed vehicle access be constructed on an A, B or C classified road, you will require planning permission from the local planning authority before we can consider your request further. This isn’t required for requests on other road classifications.

If you already have permission, or if the site does not require planning permission, complete the online initial enquiry form or download and return it to:

Environment and Planning Department
Abbey Road South
Wrexham Industrial Estate
LL13 9PW
email: traffic@wrexham.gov.uk

A non-returnable fee of £160.00 per application is payable to cover the cost of administration and inspections. You will be advised in due course when to make the payment.

Once we have received the completed application form, permission will normally be granted for the access to be constructed in accordance with our specifications.


We cannot recommend a particular contractor, however, you retain the right to employ a contractor of your own choice subject to conditions that will be explained at the next stage of the application process, should your initial application be approved.

It is a requirement that the contractor has Public Liability Insurance to a minimum cover of £5 million and is accredited under the New Road and Street Works Act 1991 to work within the public Highway.

Application for Consent for Vehicular Access - S.184 Highways Act 1980

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