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We get a real buzz out of doing business in Wrexham. And we've got more than our fair share of entrepreneurs who've taken a clever idea and grown it into something big.

Take Moneypenny. Named after 007’s favourite PA, the company has a Queen’s Award for Enterprise and Innovation, and was nominated by the Sunday Times as one of the Best 100 Places to Work.

Not bad for something that started off as a small local business and grew into one of the leading professional call-answering services in the UK.

And if you ask co-founder Rachel Clacher what their secret is, she’ll answer you in one word: people.

“We based ourselves in Wrexham and remain committed to the town as there is a fantastic resource of hardworking, enthusiastic and personable people on our doorstep.

“Every day they do a great job representing our business and also the thousands of client businesses we work with across the UK.”

And it’s not just the people that make Wrexham a great place to run a business. There are lots of other reasons.

Not least, Wrexham Council’s dedicated team of business experts. They offer all sorts of help, advice and information, from business planning and marketing to raising finance and finding the right premises. They’re a pretty clever bunch.

So if you’re setting up a business from scratch or looking to relocate and expand, you should give them a call. It’s good to talk.

Wrexham Council business support
01978 667000 www.wrexham.gov.uk/businessline

The next Lord Sugar?

Now you know we’re pretty obsessed with the future here in Wrexham. So it’s no surprise that we’re interested in the next generation of business stars. The Lord Sugars of tomorrow.

Wrexham’s young people are bursting with entrepreneurial energy. Maybe you’re one of them?

Yes? Well, we’ve set up a new forum to help you along the way.

Launch Wrexham lets you talk to other young entrepreneurs, swap ideas and even apply for grants to energise your business ambitions.

You’ll be driving that Bentley before you know it.