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Tiger, tiger burning bright

It was Napoleon that once described China as a 'sleeping giant'.

Well, the giant is awake and is now one the world’s greatest economic powers. If not the greatest. And neighbouring India isn’t far behind.

The statistics are frightening. For example, China and India are producing an average of one million engineering graduates per year, compared with just 170,000 in the USA and Europe.

These two Asian tiger economies are the future.

So it’s a good thing that we’re pretty handy at building international friendships. Glyndwr University is already working with the College of Bio-engineering at Hubei University of Technology in Wuhan.

It’s also one of a group of Welsh universities helping to establish education and training services in the Chongqing region.

What’s more, Wrexham Council is talking to Chinese businesses looking to invest and create jobs in the UK. The message? Put your money into Wrexham. You won’t regret it.