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Local produce

Fact. Good food makes life taste better. Good local food makes life taste great.

So if you don’t already know about the food and drink being produced right here in the county borough, it’s time you did.

Local Food First

Robert Didier is a man who knows his way around the kitchen. He trained under the legendary Raymond Blanc and tickled the taste-buds of actor Sean Connery. Aka James Bond.

So when Robert moved to North Wales in 2003 to set up a business making handmade pastries, he knew what he was doing.

And his trademark Tractor Wheel Pie is becoming rather famous round these parts.

In fact, there are stacks of very talented people producing all sorts of wonderful food and drink in Wrexham. The kind of food that just makes you smile.

There’s the creamiest ice-cream made by Richard on his Erbistock Farm. The tantalising syrups and sauces made by Guy and his family at their 16th Century home in Bettisfield – all made from the blueberries he grows. And award-winning bangers made by Mark at his farm in Eyton.

There are brewers, cheese-makers, vegetable growers, honey-makers, hand-crafted jelly producers, free-range egg farmers, chocolate truffle-makers. The list goes on.

We even have a tea trader called Kim, who sells a special blend of ‘Wrexham tea’ from her shop on High Street in the town centre (called ‘Just Tea and Coffee’, which makes perfect sense).

The point is, we think local food tastes best. Which is why we’ve produced a handy little online food directory to help you find out what you can buy. And where you can buy it.

Tuck in.

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Wrexham Lager

It’s back! That’s right. The brand that probably did as much to put Wrexham on the map as anything else during the past century, has finally returned.

Of course, it’s a slightly different tipple to the drink which Carlsberg-Tetley called time on in 2002.

But after years of waiting, you can once again order a ‘pint of Wrexham’ in local pubs. Brewed by the new Wrexham Lager Beer Company using a recipe from the brand’s 1970s hey-day, the golden continental-style lager has enjoyed favourable reviews from connoisseurs.

But remember. You can have too much of a good thing. Drink responsibly and check out www.drinkaware.co.uk for the latest guidance on alcohol consumption.

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