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Knowledge is power

"Space. The final frontier."

OK. The tight costumes made it tricky to take Captain James T Kirk and his Star Trek buddies too seriously. But he had a point.

And Wrexham is doing its bit to help man boldly go where no-one has gone before. Because at Glyndwr University, scientists are helping to develop mirrors for the aptly-named ‘World’s Biggest Telescope’, which will be based in South America.

These aren’t any old mirrors though. They’re 1.5 metres wide and have to be polished to within one billionth of a metre – less than 1,000th of the thickness of a human hair.

The mirrors will be a vital component of the telescope, so Wrexham will be playing a crucial role in helping the world penetrate the mysteries of the universe. How impressive is that?

The telescope is just one example of the university getting involved in innovative projects. There’s lots of other stuff going on. Stuff that feels very ‘brave new world’.

From students building solar-powered cars to scientists pushing bio-technology frontiers through work with Chinese universities.

Love science

Science can be fun. Honest.

Visit Techniquest Glyndwr on the university campus and you’ll discover how. There are more than 60 exciting interactive games and exhibits to get young and old minds alike thinking.

Including a spinning orb with flowing crystals and a spooky ‘shadow wall’ that takes on a life of its own.

Billed as North Wales’ most challenging day out, Techniquest aims to explore the mysteries of science – through the medium of big bangs and slippery slime.