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Local Land Charges

Here we aim to provide property conveyancers with an easily accessible guide to local authority searches, including fees and details of other relevant organisations. We hope the information provided will answer some of the questions we are most often asked, which will save time and speed the search process up for you.

Land Charges Request Form

The Council has a Statutory duty under the Local Land Charges Act 1975 to maintain a Register of Local Land Charges.

Our normal offices hours are: Monday to Thursday: 8.45am to 5.15pm and Fridays: 08.45am to 4.45pm.

Responses to search enquiries can be obtained by the following methods:

1. Submitting a Local Authority Search

Searches can be submitted by post and document exchange (DX) or electronically, using the Land Charges Request Form or via NLIS (external link).

When submitting a postal Local Authority Search, please ensure you enclose the following:

Payment must be made the same or following working day to validate the application. The easiest way to make a payment is by using the Councils online e-store payment facility. Please use the following link and select the Land Charges service you want to pay for: www.wrexham.gov.uk/LCpayments

A payment receipt is automatically emailed to you for your records and sent to us so that we can start to process your request.

If you wish to make a card payment over the phone please contact 01978 298874.
For other payment options please contact landcharges@wrexham.gov.uk

Please note

2. Access to Property Data under the Environmental Information Regulations

Access will be provided to Environmental data in order for information to be obtained regarding local search enquiries as follows:

Contact the relevant department to make an appointment to inspect the source information

Please note it is your responsibility to inspect and interpret the source information. Assistance in interpreting documentation cannot be provided by the department.

Scale of Fees

Search Request Type Application Charge Total Payable
LLC1 only - whole part of the register £6.00 £6.00
LLC1 and CON29R (Residential) £6.00 (LLC1) + £79.00 + VAT (CON29R) £100.80
LLC1 and CON29R (Commercial/Industrial) £6.00 (LLC1) + £109.00 + VAT (CON29R) £136.80
CON29R Part 2 Enquiries £13.00 + VAT (each) £15.60 (each)
Additional Enquiries £21.00 + VAT (each) £25.20 (each)
Additional Parcels of Land £13.00 + VAT (each) £15.60 (each)

The National Land Information Service (NLIS)

The NLIS is a government initiative aimed at delivering services electronically, with the ultimate aim of speeding up the conveyancing process by using electronic transactions.

The service connects law firms, conveyancers and data providers such as HM Land Registry (external link) and local authority Local Land Charges Registries.

At Wrexham we are connected to NLIS at level 2 and are able to receive search applications and fees electronically and also return them electronically.

We encourage the users of our service to become NLIS users. To find out more (including fees) please go to www.nlis.org.uk (external link) or visit the websites below:

NLIS Channel Providers (external links)

Tel: 0845 250 7040.

Is the Property in our area?

If you are not sure if a property is in our area, please telephone us for confirmation on 01978 298874.

Other Local Authorities whose boundaries adjoin ours are:

Drainage Searches

Drainage enquiries are dealt with by Welsh Water PO Box 10 Treharris CF46 6XZ. Tel 01443 331155.