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Wrexham Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2) 2013 to 2028

Wrexham County Borough Council is preparing the Local Development Plan (LDP) which will replace the current adopted Unitary Development Plan. The LDP will be a long-term land use and development strategy focused on achieving sustainable development and will:

Please use the link below to access the LDP Consultation Portal to view the latest information on the preparation of the Wrexham Local Development Plan 2013 - 2028.

Consultation Portal

Key Stages and Timetable

Stage Local Development Plan Steps Consultation Start/completion Dates
  A. Definitive Stages
Pre- Deposit Participation
(Six Weeks)
(Regulations 14 and 15)
  • Develop Strategic vision and objectives
  • Identify critical issues and alternative strategic growth and spatial options
Key Stakeholder consultation 2nd March 2015 - 10th April 2015
Pre-deposit public consultation
(six weeks)
(Regulations 15 and 16)
Preferred strategy
  • Evaluate alternative strategic spatial options
  • Select preferred spatial strategy
Public Consultation Friday 12th February 2016 – Friday 01st April 2016
Deposit Local Development Plan
(six weeks)
(Regulations 17, 18 and 19)
  • Statutory consultation on the full Plan and related documents to allow formal representations to be made
April – December 2016 (Indicative dates for public consultation November – December 2016)
B. Indicative Stages
Submission to Welsh Government for Examination
(Regulation 22)
  • The Council will formerly submit the LDP and supporting documentation (including representations) to the Welsh Government.
June 2017
Independent Examination in public (Regulation 23)

Public Examination
  • An Inspector will independently test the ‘soundness’ of the plan.
(Dependent on Planning Inspectorate)
Publication of Planning Inspector’s Report (Regulation 24) Inspectors Report
  • An Inspector will present to the Council their report which will be binding on the Council.
(Dependent on Planning Inspectorate)
Adoption (Regulation 25)
  • Making the plan operational
March 2018
Monitoring (Regulation 37)
  • The Council will review the Plan and submit annual monitoring reports to Welsh Government.
Annually from 2018 onwards

*Please note that these are broad timescales and indicative times have been built in for consultation.

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