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This page provides information about each stage of the processing of your Planning Application.

Stage 1 - Acknowledgement

  • We will register and acknowledge all valid planning applications within three working days of receiving them.
  • If your application is invalid or incomplete we will tell you within two working days and give you clear guidance as to what changes you need to make.

Stage 2 - Notification and Consultation

  • We will publicise all planning applications by means of a notice (coloured pink) posted near the site and will write to any nearby properties likely to be directly affected.
  • Both the Site Notice and the letter will give the name and phone number of the Planning Officer dealing with your application (Case Officer) and will give a deadline by which comments must be received (usually 21 days).
  • We also notify your local Councillor and send a copy of the application to your Community Council.
  • All planning applications and plans are available for any member of the public to view at the Planning Office.
  • We guarantee that a Duty Officer will be available during our office hours to advise customers. If the Case Officer is not available, an appointment will be arranged.

Level of Service

We undertake to deal with applications as quickly as we can and have set targets of dealing with 95% of householder and overall 70% of applications within 8 weeks.

Stage 3 - The Decision

  • Any letters or e-mails of objection or support will be acknowledged and will be carefully considered before a decision is made on the application by the Chief Planning Officer, following the recommendations made by the Case Officer.
  • If we cannot agree with the points raised and cannot negotiate a solution, the application will be referred to the Council's Planning Committee for decision.
  • Decision Notices will be issued within two working days of the decision and will clearly state any conditions (together with reasons) or will give a clear reasons why the application has been refused. Details of any right to appeal will be included.

Stage 4 - Planning Committee Meeting

  • You may attend the Planning Committee if you wish.
  • Copies of the agenda are available at the meeting for you to read.
  • You will also find a shorter additional report (addendum). This sets out matters which have arisen after the agenda was printed.
  • All 20 councillors are members of the Planning Committee. The Committee Members have a duty to consider each application on its own merits, but will normally follow the Council's policies which are set out in the Development Plan and other planning guidance. Other matters material to the decisions can also be taken into account.
  • The Planning Officer's report sets out all the differing views which have been expressed on the application during a consultation period.

The Agenda

  • The minutes of the previous meeting appear as the first agenda item. These are for approval and will not be discussed.
  • The minutes are normally followed by a number of short reports on a variety of subjects. Each report will be considered separately.
  • The largest part of the agenda is usually the report on planning applications.
    • The Chair of the Planning Committee will go through the report a page at a time. If there are no comments on an application when the pages are passed, it means that the recommendation has been accepted and the application is approved or refused.
    • If a Councillor wishes to speak, this may result in a change to the recommendation.
    • Sometimes, the Committee will decide that a Sub-Committee should visit the site. This will happen before the next planning committee meeting when the recommendation of the Sub-Committee will be considered and a final decision made.
  • There are also some items which are provided for information only. These include the list of non-controversial planning applications decided by the Chief Planning Officer under his delegated powers.

You may contact your local councillor about your application if you wish. Click on My Councillor for more details.

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