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Wrexham Town Walk : College Street

College Street has plenty of character. The Welsh name though has even more: Camfa'r Cwn meaning the Dog's Stile. Presumably this was a stile to keep the dogs out of the churchyard rather than let them in. The street has seen all sorts in its time: the first Wesleyan Methodist preacher to preach in the town did so in Hughes' Yard, just off this street; while for many years College Street housed a bordel and a pawn shop used by the needy to get them through the week till pay day.

At the bottom of College Street turn right and walk up Town Hill.

Town Hill is the medieval heart of Wrexham. Like many medieval towns, the first buildings were around the edge of the historic churchyard. The medieval Wrexham can still be seen by looking closely at and going inside the properties on the right as you come up the hill, especially No's 5-10 Town Hill.

Look out for No.9 Town Hill for a long time Dodman's Shoe Shop.