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Report a Problem with Tattoo/Skin Piercing

All allegations of illegal/unregistered tattooists are taken seriously and will be investigated by the Health and Safety Enforcement Team. 

Illegal tattooing is:

Currently there is not a legal age for skin piercing (i.e. ear piercing), however, this activity still needs to be registered with the Local Authority. Your enquiry will be received and processed by the Council in confidence, if you require an acknowledgement please advise us of your email address.

This form is for reporting concerns over tattooists/skin piercing only. If you would rather make a suggestion, please use the website feedback form.

The areas marked by * are mandatory, and must be completed.

Tattooist/Skin Piercers Details

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Address that they live at*:

Address that they are offering tattooing/skin piercing from: (if different from above)

Details of Concerns

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If you are reporting a concern because you have had a tattoo/skin piercing please include when you had your tattoo done, was it at the same address as detailed above, how old were you when you had your tattoo done and did they ask your age prior to having the tattoo:

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We will only contact you if you request acknowledgement of your concern or if we need further information.

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