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Real Nappies

Wrexham County Borough Council is keen to help reduce the amount of nappies that are disposed of by promoting the use of washable nappies. Households can potentially cut their waste in half and save themselves some money in the process.

Each child needs approximately 5,000 nappy changes in their first 2 ½ years contributing to the estimated 200 million disposable nappies thrown away in Wales each year!

Officer visit to demonstrate real nappies

Real nappies have evolved since the time of terry towels and safety pins. However, updated versions aren’t readily available on the high street but via online retailers. Wrexham residents can request a visit from a Waste Strategy Officer offering advice using a kit demonstrating different types of reusable nappies, waterproof wraps and liners.

For more information please contact the Waste Strategy Team on 01978 298989.

In the first 2 ½ years a baby can produce the equivalent of 156 black bags weighing the same as an average family car!

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