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Wheelie Box - Frequently Asked Questions

At a glance what’s changed with Wrexham’s recycling scheme?

We now accept mixed plastics, tubs, pots and trays.

You have an extra box for recycling glass separately.

We now accept textiles from the kerbside.

You can no longer recycle corrugated cardboard in your green garden waste bin.

I really don’t want the Wheelie Box – can I have it collected please.

Yes, please supply us with your address and we will arrange for removal.  Once it has been removed we will be unable to redeliver if you change your mind in the future. You will now need to transfer to the Box/Bag scheme.  Please contact Pride in Your Streets on 01978 298989. 

Why are we asking you to separate the different recyclable materials.

The recycling collection vehicles have separate compartments and the recycling is emptied into the relevant material sections. The vehicles then deposit the recycling in the appropriate bay at the recycling facility for sorting. Simply put the recycling in the correct box each week.

What goes in my top box?

Corrugated cardboard, cardboard packaging, paper, envelopes, junk mail, newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, catalogues, toilet tubes, cardboard egg boxes and shredded paper. Please do not place any food and drink cartons in your top box.

What goes in my middle box?

Plastic bottles, tins, cans, aerosols and clean foil. However you can now place other types of plastic in your middle box, including plastic pots, tubs and trays.

What goes in my bottom box?

Glass bottles and glass jars. Please do not place light bulbs, Pyrex, or broken crockery into the bottom box.

What if my cardboard doesn’t fit in my top box?

Flatten and stack it under or next to your wheelie box. Please do not place out loose cardboard on windy days. You can also take it to your closest Household Waste Recycling Centre.  These are located at Bryn Lane on Wrexham Industrial Estate, The Lodge Brymbo or Wynnstay Lane, Plas Madoc.

Which plastics can I put in the green box?

Any type of plastic bottle, all plastic food trays, plastic tubs and plastic pots (any colour).  No plastic bags, cling film, bubble wrapping or crisp packets.

Do I need to do anything to the materials?

All contents should be reasonably clean and should not contain any food or drink residue. Flatten your cans, plastic bottles and cardboard to save space in your wheelie box. All items should be placed into the boxes loose.

I don’t understand what’s collected when?

Wheelie Box and food caddy - collected weekly

Black/blue general waste bin and Green garden waste bin – collected every fortnight on alternate weeks. 

What happens if one of the flaps breaks off? Can I get a replacement?

No, unfortunately we do not carry a stock of replacement flaps.

One of the black boxes from my Wheelie Box has gone missing/been stolen/badly damaged - can I order a new one?

Please can you specify whether it is the top, middle or bottom box that you require replacing. We will ascertain if we have any spare boxes left after the past roll out.

What do I do with shredded paper?

It is advised that you wrap your shredded paper in a sheet of newspaper before placing it in your top box. This will ensure that when the recycling crew empty your top box your shredded paper will enter the paper compartment and not disperse into the street.