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Trade Waste

This page provides details about Trade Waste Services offered by Wrexham Council.

Who is responsible for Trade Waste?

Every business has a legal duty to ensure any waste they produce is disposed of in the correct way. Wrexham County Borough Council can offer you this service for most types of business waste, but cannot collect or dispose of any Liquid Waste or Hazardous Wastes.

Who is responsible for Recycling Trade Waste?

Every business is responsible for Pre Treating (Recycling) some of the waste they produce as per Landfill Regulation 2002. Wrexham County Borough Council is currently undertaking a review of it’s Trade Waste Recycling Services to enable us to help customers with this responsibility.

Are Trade Waste Charges included in Business Rates?

The charges are not included in business rates as customers can change their container sizes to suit their own needs in the ever-changing economic climate.

What do the charges include?

Included in the charges are provision of required container(s), weekly collection, disposal costs for waste and landfill tax, all contract paperwork and Duty of Care documentation.

240 Litre Wheel Bin (Annual Invoice)
H. 94cm D. 74cm W. 61cm

660 Litre Wheel Bin (Annual Invoice)
H. 1m14 D. 79cm W. 1m24

1100 Litre Wheel Bin (Quarterly Invoice)
H. 1m 32 D. 94cm W. 1m 30