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School Meals Catering Service

Wrexham County Borough Council's School Meals Catering Service continually works towards providing a good range of healthier meal choices, in order to fulfil some of the nutritional requirements of growing and developing children.

The School meals catering service in primary schools offer a fixed price two course menu, with a daily choice of two main course meals, or filled jacket potatoes and salad or a packed lunch, plus a freshly prepared pudding or fresh fruit and yoghurt.

Vegetable choices are offered daily, along with a variety of carbohydrate alternatives including rice and pasta. Chips should be available only once a week.

The school meal gives children an excellent opportunity to try new foods early in their developing years. Whilst catering staff make every effort to encourage youngsters to choose healthy meals it is vital that parents and schools do the same. With their support we can encourage children to change their eating habits and select the healthy choices available on a regular basis.

The challenge for all school meals caterers is to provide food that pupils will enjoy and eat, and which also promotes good eating habits

Why Choose a School Meal For Your Child?

School Meals v Packed Lunch

Preparing a packed lunch for your child might not be as cost effective as you think. With food costs continually rising, it’s worth looking at the benefits of a Healthy Packed Lunch option prepared by the school meals catering service.

A School Meals Packed Lunch includes:

All School Meals Packed Lunches are properly stored in refrigerated conditions until required at lunchtime.

If your child is entitled to a free meal, a packed lunch can be provided on request.

The school meals packed lunches can provide a well balanced healthy meal for your child. All lunches are fully compliant with the nutritional guidelines and can provide important nutrients which they require to help them grow, and develop in their early years.

Try a safe and nutritious School Meals Packed Lunch for the same price as a school meal. Packed lunches can be requested in advance or selected from the counter at lunchtime.