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Homecare / Reablement Services in Wrexham

What is this service?

Homecare is the provision of staff within your home to assist you with all aspects of your personal care. The service is available to adults of all ages and to parents and families, staff are active at all hours of the day or night.

The care that you need may be provided by staff from the Local Authority homecare team or from one of the independent care agencies.

Reablement is a specialist service which is provided to assist you to regain or learn skills which will help you to remain independent, it may also help to build your confidence and so allow you to do things like going to the shop or attending a community centre.

This service is provided by Local Authority staff.

Following a period of Reablement you may still have some care needs; these will be met by staff from one of the independent care agencies as part of their homecare service.

Reviews of your care will be carried out on a regular basis regardless of the type of service that you receive; you will be encouraged to participate in these.

Other services available via the Homecare/Reablement team.

Intermediate care is the short term provision of care to you following a period of ill health, there will be a whole team of staff available to support you; this includes Nurses, Therapists, Social Workers and homecare staff. The aim of the service is to prevent your admission to Hospital or ease a smooth discharge home when the time is right.

Mobile response is a service provided to people in receipt of care call and Telecare, staff respond if you are unwell or need assistance, this includes a service which picks people up following a fall if they are not injured; this avoids the need to call an ambulance.

How can I access these services?

You may be referred by your Doctor or from the Hospital but you can also contact the Department directly by ringing 01978 292066.

You will be assessed by a member of the Social Work team, a Nurse or a Therapist and they will discuss with you, the best way to meet your needs. You may be referred to one of the services already mentioned above.

How much will I have to pay?

There is no charge for the Reablement service for up to 6 weeks and for Intermediate care for up to 4 weeks.  When they end you may have some on-going needs which will be met by homecare services that are provided by independent agencies.

A financial assessment will be carried out to let you know how much you will need to contribute towards your homecare.

In Wales there is a maximum £55.00 per week charge for homecare services.

There is no charge for the Mobile Response services as you will have signed up for this as part of your community alarm package.