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Refusing or Accepting the Offer

Refusing the Offer

If you decide to refuse the offer, you must tell us the exact reasons for refusing.

Applicants will only be made 2 offers of accommodation. If both are refused and we think that your reasons for refusing are not reasonable, we will reduce your preference for housing. This will mean that it could be a considerable period of time before you receive another offer of accommodation.

The exception will be applicants who are made an offer under homelessness legislation and all applicants in Band 1. You will receive 1 offer of accommodation.

You do have the right to ask for a review of any decision regarding the reasonableness of an offer.

Accepting the Offer

If you accept the offer, we may be able to give you an idea of when the property is likely to be ready for you. Please contact the Local Housing Office that has made you the offer for further details of availability.