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Housing Options

We try to give applicants choice about the type of housing you want to be considered for and its location.

However, due to demand, it is not always possible to meet everyone’s needs and aspirations.

Depending on your personal circumstances, you may also be able to consider other housing options such as:-

Nominations to Housing Associations

When you apply for Council Housing, you can also ask to be considered for a nomination to one of the Housing Associations that have properties in Wrexham County Borough.

We use the same criteria for selecting applicants for nomination that we use for allocating Council properties.

As we cannot help everyone who applies for housing, requesting a nomination to a Housing Association may increase your chances of re-housing.

Applying to Housing Associations

You can also make an application for housing directly to a Housing Association.

They operate their own Waiting Lists. Making an application to them will not affect your application for Council Housing in any way.

Local Lettings Agency

Wrexham County Borough Council may be able to offer you accommodation via its Local Lettings Agency. The Local lettings agency has a dedicated team working with private landlords in Wrexham to offer a range of accommodation to those who may not be able to access accommodation via the private rented sector, whether it is through homelessness, low income or an immediate housing need.

Further information

Wrexham County Borough Council Housing Options Team or by emailing locallettings@wrexham.gov.uk

Mutual Exchanges

Another way to increase your chances of moving to a more suitable home is to apply for a mutual exchange.

If you are a secure tenant of Wrexham Council you also have the right to apply to swap houses with another tenant of any Council or Housing Association. This is called a mutual exchange.

Wrexham Council has joined Homeswapper, this is a national service and you can register online to look for tenants of another Council or Housing Association, who want to swap homes.

If you are interested in applying for a mutual exchange please go to: - www.homeswapper.co.uk, where you can find further information and register your details.

If you don’t have internet access we can help you to register. Just contact your local Housing Office, or Housing Services, Ruthin Road, Wrexham.

Affordable Home Ownership

If you are in work, on a low income and are unable to afford to buy or privately rent a home on the open market, renting from the Council might not be your only option.

You might still be able to buy a property through one of the Council’s Affordable Home Ownership Schemes.

Currently we operate the following schemes: -

To find out if you are eligible for these schemes and to get further details Please contact: Housing Standards & Strategy Team, Housing Services 01978 298993,

Renting Privately

You may also wish to consider renting a property from a private landlord. You may be able to get some help from Housing Benefit towards your rent. Private rented accommodation is normally advertised in local newspapers or can be found through a lettings agent.