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Management Moves

There are occasions when the Council will be required to make allocations outside of our published Lettings Policy. These are known as Management Moves.

This policy outlines the circumstances when it may be appropriate to award a Management Move.

The following list is not exhaustive, as by their nature, Management Moves are those situations which are the exception to the policy.

The Council aims to keep the number of Management Moves we carry out to a minimum, so that our published policy is seen as being as fair and transparent as possible.

A Management Move will only be awarded by Senior Officers after the individual circumstances of each case have been taken into consideration.

Examples of when an applicant may be considered for a Management Move include:-

If a secure, introductory or demoted tenant dies and there is no other family member left in the property who has the right to succeed, a management move may be considered if:-

Relationship Breakdown

If a sole or joint tenant gives notice to terminate a tenancy, the Council may grant the tenancy to the remaining occupier, provided that they have been living with the former tenant as a partner, or a member of their family, the property is their only or principal home and it is suitable for their needs.

In the case of married couples, civil partners or couples with children, where there is a joint tenancy in place, the Court has powers to decide that a tenancy can be transferred to one or other of the parties, in instances of dispute. Staff will initially advise applicants to seek legal assistance in these circumstances.

Joint applicants should be aware that any Court Costs incurred in ending a joint tenancy may be the responsibility of the parties involved.

Exceptional Circumstances

Staff may also consider applying Management Moves in the following circumstances. This list is not exhaustive:-

When deciding whether to award a Management Move, amongst other considerations, Senior Officers may consider the following:-