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Telecare Solutions for Independent Living (01978 292075)

The Telecare Service provides a telephone link, 24 hours a days, 365 days a year between your home and the Telecare Response Centre.

What is Telecare?

Telecare is a service that can help to keep you safe at home and enable assistance to be summoned in the event of an emergency.

Telecare can help you to live independently in your home, by providing the peace of mind that someone can be automatically alerted if you need assistance or in the event of an emergency situation.

A range of Telecare sensors in your home provides an unobtrusive way to manage the risks to your health and your safety.

The Telecare Service is provided in partnership between Wrexham County Borough Council and Delta Wellbeing.

How Does the Service Work?

The Telecare Service provides a telephone link, 24 hours a days, 365 days a year between your home and the Telecare Response Centre through the Home Alarm Unit.

You can speak to a trained operator at the Response Centre by pressing the pendant that is provided or if a Telecare sensor is automatically activated a message is sent to the Response Centre.

The operator will then take the appropriate action, which may be to offer basic advice or contact a family member, the Emergency Services or arrange for the Telecare Mobile Response Service to visit you.

The Basic Telecare Package

Available to anyone who feels vulnerable and wants to know that there will always be someone to contact if they need help. The following equipment will be installed as standard and optional sensors provided depending on your needs.

Home Alarm Unit (Standard)

Connecting your home to the telecare response centre through your phone line.

Personal Pendant

A call for help can be raised from anywhere in the home.

Smoke Detector

Raises an instant alarm call to the local response centre.

Heat Extremes Monitor

This monitors for excessive high or a rapid rise in temperature.

Key Safe

To enable access in an emergency.

Bogus Caller Button (optional)

For assistance when a stranger requests entry to your home.

Inactivity Monitor (optional)

Raises an alert if there is no movement in the house by a certain time.

The Enhanced Telecare Package:

The Enhanced Telecare Package can be made available if you are assessed as needing additional support by a Health or Social Care Professional, e.g. Social Worker, Occupational Therapist or Nurse.

For more information about an assessment of your needs please contact the Initial Response Team (IRT) - 01978 292066.

Additional sensors are provided in the home based on your individual needs. Some examples of when the Enhanced Package may be able to help you are if you have fallen, if you have epilepsy, or memory problems.

How Much Will it Cost?

The charge for the Telecare service is £3.76 per week.