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Car Parks


For out of hours emergencies call 01978 264240 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111
Care Call (known as Telecare Solutions for Independent Living) telecare@wrexham.gov.uk
Care in the Community socialservices@wrexham.gov.uk
Care & Repair housing@wrexham.gov.uk
Carers socialservices@wrexham.gov.uk
Careers Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Caring for Someone socialservices@wrexham.gov.uk or
Cemeteries crematorium@wrexham.gov.uk
Chief Executive, Chief Officers and Directors of Wrexham Council Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Child Protection (Flintshire & Wrexham Local Safeguarding Children Board - external link)

SPOAchildren@wrexham.gov.uk or emergency.hours@wrexham.gov.uk

01978 292039 or
0345 0533 116 outside office hours

Child Protection (Education) education@wrexham.gov.uk
Children's Information Bureau NOW Wrexham Family Information Service (WFIS) fis@wrexham.gov.uk
Church, Churches, Places of Worship in Wrexham Town Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Citizens Advice Bureau 01978 364639
Citizen's Panel - Citizen's Survey (now known as People's Voice) statistics@wrexham.gov.uk
Civic Amenity Sites (Refuse/Tips/ Tip Sites) Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Civil Funerals civilfunerals@wrexham.gov.uk
Civil Partnerships, Marriages & Marriage Licences ceremonies@wrexham.gov.uk
Climate Change, Carbon Reduction climatechange@wrexham.gov.uk
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Code of Practice (Building Grants) planning@wrexham.gov.uk
Commenting on a Planning Application planning@wrexham.gov.uk
Commercial Waste Charges contact-us@wrexham.gov.uk
Committee Minutes & Agendas contact-us@wrexham.gov.uk
Community Centres  
Community Cohesion onewrexham@wrexham.gov.uk
Community Councils LegalDem@wrexham.gov.uk
Community Health health@wrexham.gov.uk
Community Links webmaster@wrexham.gov.uk
Community Transport community_transport@wrexham.gov.uk
Community Trigger ASB Case Review comunitysafety@wrexham.gov.uk
Composting, Compost Bins contact-us@wrexham.gov.uk
Complaints complaints@wrexham.gov.uk
Concessionary Travel Scheme businfo@wrexham.gov.uk
Conservation planning@wrexham.gov.uk
Consultation - Have Your Say! Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Contaminated Land & Land Contamination Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Corporate Equality Plan & (Race) Equality Scheme Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Corporate (Council) Plan statistics@wrexham.gov.uk
Council Housing housing@wrexham.gov.uk
Council News councilnews@wrexham.gov.uk
Council Tax Benefits counciltax@wrexham.gov.uk
Council Tax Enquiries counciltax@wrexham.gov.uk
Council Plan statistics@wrexham.gov.uk
Councillors Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Countryside Services countryparks@wrexham.gov.uk
Credit Crunch Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Crematorium, Pentrebychan crematorium@wrexham.gov.uk
Crime, Dealing with Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Culture & Heritage museum@wrexham.gov.uk or
localstudies@wrexham.gov.uk or
Customer Care Standards Contact-Us@wrexham.gov.uk
Customer Charters (Planning) planning@wrexham.gov.uk
Cycle Routes (external link) tic@wrexham.gov.uk