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Project 6 – South West Wrexham Housing Renewal Area

Offering ‘Group Repair’ grants for homeowners

The following Vibrant and Viable Places programme is now complete as of the end of March 2017, work is still ongoing in some areas however all funding has now been allocated.

The successful bid for Vibrant and Viable (VVP) funding has allowed WCBC to accelerate the existing programme of re-roofing works currently underway within the South West Wrexham Renewal Area. The Renewal Area sits just outside the town centre and takes in parts of the Offa, Erddig and Brynyffnnon wards.

Subject to criteria, owners of properties within the Renewal Area could be eligible to receive grant aid to carry out roofline works over habitable areas of their property. Works may include:

The maximum grant available on any one property is £14,000 (£18,000 if the property sits within a conservation area).

Participating owner occupiers are entitled to receive 75% grant aided with the remaining 25% being subject to voluntary means testing. There is a grant condition period of 3 years. Participating landlords are entitled to receive 35% grant aid. There is a grant condition period of 10 years.

If you would like further details on the South West Wrexham Renewal programme please email: wendy.wright@wrexham.gov.uk